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Frequently Asked Questions

Scientific Frequently Asked Questions about Olive Leaf Extract

One question we are asked all the time is: What is Oleuropein?

As you may find, there are plentiful research papers out on the web that document oleuropein what it is. Unfortunately, most of that documentation is written in scientific notation, which makes it hard for the average consumer to understand. So below is a brief outline of what oleuropein is to us.

Oleuropein is the name given to the active chemical component/ingredient found in olive leaves. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant, which provides you with the list of TGA accredited benefits listed on the previous page. Levels of oleuropein differ between each variety of olive tree. We only choose the trees with the highest inherent levels of oleuropein. This is done so that we can pass on as much of natures’ goodness to you. More so, oleuropein has powerful antibacterial properties, which makes it a must for daily vitality.

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Customer’s Frequently Asked Questions about Olive Leaf Extract

Why does your product taste better than other Olive Leaf Extract?

We conscribe to a natural way of creating our products, this has led to great tasting products that do not contain harmful chemical ingredients. We conduct extensive research to find the most naturally derived ingredients for you.

Should I refrigerate olive leaf extract after opening?

While it is not necessary, we do recommend that you store liquid olive leaf extract in a cool dark place like the refridgerator or a cupboard after opening will help prevent the active ingredients from being compromised after opening. It is also important to check that the lid is screwed on tightly after ever use, as prolonged exposure to oxygen can also deteriotate the antioxidants.

Where is your olive leaf extract plantation?

Our plantation is located in Queensland, Australia and this is where we harvest the leaves to make our products.

Is Vabori olive leaf extract made from fresh leaves?

Yes, we only use fresh Australian leaf in our olive leaf extract.

As soon we pick the olive leaves, we transport them to our onsite factory to manufacture our high strength olive leaf extract. We ensure that only the freshest and most alive leaves are chosen to make our products.

In fact, this is an issue that we are very passionate about. Having a product actualy do what the label says! Our extensive reseach has proved that other brands on the market may state that their extract contain oleuropein levels, but our research showed that their levels dropped dramatically well before the use by date. Furthermore, we are still conducting plenty of research on the other antioxidants present in Vabori Olive Leaf Extract!

Our guarantee is that you will still be receiving the same benefits as indicated on our label by the end of the use by date.

How often should I take Vabori olive leaf extract?

Only a small amount of olive leaf needs to enter your system to start working, we recommend taking 10-15 mL per day (roughly 1 tablespoon).

What is the shelf life of Vabori olive leaf extract?

Vabori olive leaf extract has a shelf life of 2 years. All bottles are labelled with a 'Best Before' date for your reference.

I used Vabori olive leaf extract topically on a mosquito bite, is that safe?

Yes, our reseach indicates that olive leaf extract that contains at least 5mg/mL like Vabori olive leaf extract can have topical applicaitons when used in addition to the recommended oral daily dose. Simply pour some olive leaf extract on a cotton wool bud and apply to skin.

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