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Organic Garlic

Vabori Organically Grown Australian Garlic

Why Organic?

In the years leading up to 2014 (when we decided to grow organic garlic), we thought it was strange that the only garlic available in the supermarkets were from Spain, Mexico or China! After doing some research, we learned that all imported garlic is actually treated with methyl bromide (aka fumigated with a toxic biocide). Furthermore in some cases, the garlic is also chemically bleached white... and that's not to mention all the chemicals, herbicides and pesticides that are used to grow the garlic in the first place - yum! NOT! That's why we decided to grow our own. In 2015, we started with a test patch to discover out which varieties would grow best and which organic nutrients would work best in our part of Australia.

Our trial was a success! We managed to grow garlic, further more it tasted fantastic - full flavoured & fresh. This encouraged us to grow more, so in 2016 we decided that we needed to share our great tasting garlic with the rest of Australia, so we set aside 1/2 an Acre on our olive grove to plant more of our organic garlic.

Our Process!

The process starts with our Soil. We pick virgin soil on our property and then we add to it with certified organic nutrients to build up the organic content in to soil before we plant. After the garlic is in the ground, we fertigate (liquid fertilise) with certified organic Seasol and other certified organic nutrients. When our garlic is ready for harvesting we pick it by hand, cure it for a few weeks and then try very hard not to eat it all!


We're not certified yet, but plan to be very soon. We are very familiar with the Australian Organic Standard as this is how we grow our Olive Trees for our Olive Leaf Extract. For our garlic, we use the same approach - We only use organically certified nutrients to help grow our full flavoured garlic!

What's Available?

We have 2 Varieties available (click variety below for more info and current availability):

  1. Australian Organic Elephant Garlic
  2. Australian Organic Purple Garlic (2017 Harvest SOLD OUT)

 All varieties are available in 500g packs up to 5kg packs. Contact us if you require more.

Shipping Restrictions & Process

Unfortunately Australian Quarantine restrictions prevent us from shipping to TAS, WA & SA.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be packed as all garlic is only prepared and packed when orders are received to ensure maximum freshness. Once your order is packed, you will receive a tracking number via our automated system.

We strongly recommend you select Express Shipping.





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